can i join forum please?

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can i join forum please?

Post  veng on Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:31 pm

Char: Venganza
Class: SS
Lvl: 81 (80 when u acept me in guild)
Build: Acc/Agi (I ve 5 points bad in str... - no coment please-)


Ca Frame: -> 2 Sockets 1 Shark´s Str, and 1 Glowing
Shoes: Ca Paw -> 1 Socket lvl 1 Broken Wind
Globes: Tempest +9 Agi + 3 Acc -> 1 Socket lvl 2 Acc gem
Rings-> 1 Acc lvl 60, 1 Acc lvl 65
Neck-> Shoting Star
PreciseBlitz +1 -> 1 Socket lvl 1 Explosive
Bow PreciseTwiligth (+7 Acc)

Unseal lvl 55 Fused Godness of Veng
Fairy lvl 20 Agi -.- and Mordo Lvl 13 (Building now)


Age: Unknow...
Sex: Male
Country: Spain
City: Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz) (Andalucía)
Work: Administrative/Postman (2 Works)
Play TOP since 1 year and 10 mounth (+/-)
Usually play every day
Speak some English, some Portugues, Spanish, Andaluz, bad Greek (im forget all it), bad Italian.
Polite, correct, "Semper Fidelis".

Can I join Forum, please?

ty all, i like this guild... im never stay in one guild, and the name 10K is... funny, fresh and brilliant.


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